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An Argument for Hand-Crafted Objects

An Argument for Hand-Crafted Objects

Sharing from our friends over at Ephraim Pottery:

William Morris, the 19th c. British founder of the Arts & Craft Movement, famously wrote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

The Arts & Craft Movements’ ethos of a return to hand-crafted objects in the face of increasing industrialization is an idea that has resonated with our studio since day one. If anything, handmade objects have taken on even more importance to us over the years as we ask ourselves: 

  • Are we missing something as we pivot to a largely digital world?
  • Is an over-abundance of things with unknown origins fundamentally unsatisfying?
  • How is making pottery by hand a worthwhile endeavor when ever easier methods exist?
October 15, 2020

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